Benefit Blushes , Same Price but Different Amount?!

I was looking through my database and realized that benefit boxed blushes vary in weight but all retail for $28.
Here is a recap!

Best Value:

Sugarbomb 0.42oz

Regular Value:
Hervana 0.28oz

CORALista 0.28oz
Bella Bamba 0.28oz

Least Value:
Dandelion 0.25oz

10 0.25oz
What do you think about Benefit doing this? Does it bother you that for the same price you may be getting almost 50% less product?!  

L'Oreal Paris: Price Per Ounce

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Make Up For Ever Summer 2013 New Shades!

Hello Everyone!

I haven't been keeping up with my make up launches like I usually do, but Make Up For Ever has released new shades that are as vibrant and colourful as summer itself! Leave a comment down below what you like, and don't forget to check out the BeautyPounce database for your favourite beauty products price per ounce!

Aqua Rouge $24
Price Per Ounce: $150
Compare: MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolor $23, Price Per Ounce $82.14
#19 Pomegranate Pink
#16 Fuchsia
#20 Baby Pink
#17 Bright Coral
#18 Coral

Aqua Lip $19
Price Per Ounce: $475
Compare: MAC Lip Pencil $15, Price Per Ounce: $300
#19C Pomergranate Pink
#20C Baby Pink

Aqua Cream $23
Price Per Ounce: $109.52

Compare: MAC Paint Pot $18, Price Per Ounce $108.82
#52 Pearly Green Lagoon

#53 Pearly Pastel Green

#54 Pearly Mauve

Aqua Eyes $19
Price Per Ounce: $450.00
Compare: Eye Kohl $15, Price Per Ounce $312.50
#25L Matte Brown
#52L Pearly Green Lagoon

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Chantecaille: Price Per Ounce

Illamasqua Imperfection Spring 2013

Hey Everyone!
I was reading up on some new beauty launches and was really blown away by Illmasqua's Spring 2013 collection. I love the little meaningful pun of the name and the really unique items that are being released in selection. First off, when I first read about this collection on several beauty blogs I thought the name was " Imperfection". It wasn't until I wanted to write this blog post when I noticed on the official website that the collection could also be called "I'm Perfection". I'm just so in love with how empowering this little play on words is to women, teaching them to love themselves for the way they are. 

So this collection features 5 limited edition Speckled Nail Varnishes, 3 Powder Blusher Duos, a Blush Brush, a bright pink lipstick, a liquid eyeliner and a green (yes, I said green) lipgloss.

Remember to leave a comment down below how you think of this collection!
Speckled Nail Varnish ($23.02, 0.5 oz) (PPO $46.04)
Compare this to OPI ($8.50, 0.5oz) (PPO $17.00)
The pastel coloured speckled nail polish seems to be all the rage for the Spring 2013 season. I've been seeing similar polishes from Deborah Lippman, Hard Candy and my personal favourite Etude House. 
  • Freckle
  • Fragile
  • Mottle 
  • Scarce
  • Speckle
Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish

Etude House Sweet Recipe Nail Polish
 Intense Lipgloss ($22.22, 0.2oz) (PPO $111.10)
Compare this to Nars Lip Gloss ($25.00, 0.28oz) (PPO $89.29)
MAC Pro Longwear Lipgloss ($19.50, 0.06oz) (PPO $325.00)
I really applaud Illamasqua in really stepping outside the "norm" and creating an opaque grass green lip gloss. From what I have seen in companies such as MAC, they attempt to come up with crazy coloured lipglosses but sheer them out the average consumers wouldn't be afraid to buy it. 

  • Shoot
Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Shoot

Powder Blusher Duo ($41.27, 0.14 oz) (PPO $294.78)

Compare this to Illamasqua Powder Blusher ($26.00, 0.14oz) (PPO $185.71)
  • Katie & Ambition
  • Lover & Hussy
  • Beg & Bronzerella

Katie & Ambition
Lover & Hussy
Beg & Bronzerlla
Lipstick ($25.40, 0.14oz) (PPO $181.43)
Compare this to MAC Lipstick ($15.00, 0.1oz) (PPO $150.00)
NARS Lipstick ($26.00, 0.12oz) (PPO $216.67)
  • Immodest
Lipstick in Immodest
Percision Ink ($26.98, 0.06oz) (PPO $448.67)
Compare this to MAC Liquid Eyeliner ($15.50, 0.08oz) (PPO $220.24)
Lancome Artliner ($30.00, 0.04oz) (PPO $750.00)
  •  Abyss
Illamasqua Percision Ink in Abyss
Brush Up Brush ($45.24)
Brush Up Brush